Sahad Sara in Brückenstern

5. Dezember 2021, 19:30

The first name sahad refers to the „harvest“ in Serer and the
„resurrection“ in Wolof. Sahad presents us his music built
around a multitude of varied musical influences. From
the sounds that populated his childhood, to the encounters
made in his life as a young artist, his hoarse and ‚bluesy‘ voice
invites us to wander in a sound universe where various
cultures are mixed. Sensitive to the diversity that
characterizes our planet, Sahad describes himself as a bush
taxi that travels the world in search of the riches that
come from our differences in order to share them. From afro
to jazz, from blues to folk and funk, all her African and
cosmic influences have been reappropriated, giving birth to a
kaleidoscopic music.
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