Mike Novak Live

2. Juni 2022, 20:00

Mike Novak grew up near the New York music culture and was a Washington D.C.- based musician before moving to Hamburg in January 2022. He composed and recorded several albums while performing at venues as a solo artist, as well as in various ensembles. Mike hosted a monthly musical residency at the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan, coined the last funky neighborhood in Washington D.C.. Several collaborations were born during these years, including the rock group Novakaine. They produced the album “Waves” that D.C. music critic David Hintz described as “…engaging, agreeable rock music with some creative flourish…along with a lot of clever songwriting shifts just enough power pop”.
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Toomey, a DC based percussionist now based in the UK will also be performing.
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Brückenstern on June 2nd, American Mike Novak brings the full sound of his voi
Brückenstern   |   Stresemannstrasse 133   |   040-32 84 72 71   |